Monday, August 23, 2010

Mummy Monday....How to find joy in your day

I nearly forgot it's Monday. I have had a lot of thoughts swarming through my head today. I'm sure the weather is contributing, and the fact that I have had Jackson in his Baby Bjorn sling for four hours asleep (my neck/ shoulder muscles are starting to go numb)!

Is it just me, or do any other stay-at-home mums question how much they are doing (or not doing) for their families, their children, themselves? Sometimes I think I get so caught up in making the most of the moment that the moment just passes by. And sometimes because I don't conquer the "motherhood" world I feel a bit glum. I stumbled across a post written by a photographer which included a letter to her son who was turning four. She reminisced over the daunting and ever-consuming first year of life and it was obvious that she really missed it. See her entry here . It's a nice reminder to appreciate every moment. And funny enough her sons name is Jackson!

So, today I am grateful for sore shoulders because I get to hold my little boy close and listen to him taking small breaths, kiss his forehead and smell the sweetness of milk (lol...possibly gross to others?). It's actually quite beautiful. Today, even though I didn't get the dishes done, it rained on my washing and I doubted my abilities to start my dream business...Jackson smiled beautifully at me so many times, he has slept and I know when he wakes up he will be excited to see me again (after I feed

So to my little boy....I love you sooooo much and am grateful that you make me smile every day!

I'd really love to hear from others mums, or even those who aren't about how they spend/ would spend their time at home!

Oh, and don't forget to drink lots of water everyday!

xo Shayla

Inspire Me...{Children's party decoration ideas}

I think in my "other" life I was a children's party planner. Every time I see beautiful creations like these below I get so excited! The inspiration and creativity behind these images is amazing! Does anyone else hold parties for their children like this? Please leave me a comment if you know of anyone who is super creative and puts this much effort into their child's parties!

I really love the colours used and the general idea of a "spa" party. Such a girly thing to do but how much fun! Attention to detail is definitely evident here! Oh, and I love the photography too :-)

Images taken from TheTomKat Studio.
Be sure to take a look at this ladies work. She is amazing!

xo Shayla

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspire Me...Mathilda's Markets

Amongst my searching yesterday I found these gorgeous markets that I wish were on every week. I had never heard of them until yesterday. They showcase local talent of all things beautiful for children. There are some really original hand-crafted items by some very talented people! Check it out here. I know where I will be on the 6th of November! Anyone want to join me?

Friday, August 20, 2010

I love my baby boy...but....

...I'm sure I was meant to have a girl! lol

Click here to see more beautiful girls clothing.

By Pirouette Petti Skirts

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mummy Monday...on Thursday...

So I'm a little behind the eight-ball with this one. And it's only going to be quick because my boy is screaming...again. He doesn't seem to want to sleep today. And meanwhile I am feeling a little nutty, however I was lucky enough to get some beautiful play time with him and one of these:

Makes it all worth it hey!

Off to rescue the little man...

Shayla xo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things that make me smile...

Today as I was walking to the car with a trolley full of groceries, baby in the sling in-front, mobile phone to my ear in the other hand I realised I am getting better at being a multi-tasking mum! As I finished putting the groceries in the car (and still on the mobile), the trolley-guy came up, smiled at me and took my trolley back! I said thank-you, but it wasn't until later on I realised he had made my day! It's the simple things that make me smile, especially now since becoming a mum.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Called to serve...

My family are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and as some of you may know the young men in white business shirts with the black badge serve in an allocated country/ city for two years.

My brother Matthew came home from Serving in the Adelaide mission where he spent time in both Adelaide and Darwin. He was hard working, sacrificed his time to serve and I admire what he gave up during this time. He has been an example to all of us. If you ask him, he will tell you about the amazing time he had.

So this week I am grateful for family, especially Matthew who has made us all so proud. We are super excited to have him back home! Some pictures of the anticipation and joy of having our Matt home!

xo Shayla

Monday, August 9, 2010

Life lessons in strange places

I wish I could remember the first time I saw this card. It was the day I realised that there would be no specific 'point' in my life where I would reach ultimate happiness in my life. I was a teenager and so this message came at a time when you're questioning, searching and definitely learning! It was a lesson that there will always be ups and downs in life but that it all comes down to attitude and perspective. I bought the card the next time I saw it at a news stand in the domestic airport. I had to have it as a reminder of a defining moment...a stand-out teaching moment. It has been placed on many of my work desks as a reminder to find joy in the journey!

ST xo

Mummy Monday

Today started out with the most beautiful blue sky, lots of Sunshine, but as the day progressed I think the weather started to reflect how I felt! Jackson decided to demand all of my attention and not let me do any of the chores I originally set out to do! Washing is still in the machine, dishes need to be stacked in the dishwasher, errands to be run and I'm left feeling pretty exhasted. And I used to wonder what I would do with all my "free time" as a mum. Oh how wrong I was.

My lesson as a 1st time Mum today is that this is why I am raise Jackson. So, the dishes, errands and washing can wait. I devoted lots of cuddle time to bubs today and at least I know he is happy and taken care of. He rewards me with beautiful smiles (in between the tears) and the cutest eyes I have ever seen! Those are what I am grateful for today!

Also, I found out that a friend of mine gave birth to a healthy boy this afternoon. I am so excited for her and her hubby and this made my day! A reminder of the things that matter.

ST xo

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My blog!

It's Sunday night, and only 10 to 9pm and yet I am feeling pretty exhasted. My nearly 10week old baby decided to test out his lungs a little tonight and consequently my head is still ringing! So although bed should be calling my name, I thought I would come on here briefly to "debrief" and unwind :-)

I've decided to enter the world of blogs and create a place where I can put together thoughts, treasures I find, words that inspire and projects I'm planning to persue. I figure I may as well share what I'm doing so then people can come along for the journey, hopefully be inspired or just unwind a little with me.

The name for my blog has two sides to it: 'Bowl of Beauty' is the name for a type of Peony flower (which I love at the moment!) and it stands for the contents of this blog.

I'm pretty excited to get started and see where it takes me. Please leave comments and let me know if you have any ideas for me!

Enough babbling :-)

Goodnight world. xo