About me

Hi there! Thanks for coming to visit. To get to know me you need to know at least the following:

- I am a mum to a beautiful baby boy Jackson
- I am wife to my handsome man Cameron
- I am up waaaay too late writing this!
- I am in love with weddings and photography
- I love feeling inspired by others
- I am an Occupational Therapist and photographer,
- I love to travel,
- I love working with people,
- I love going for walks along the beach,
- I love anything that sparkles,
- I could buy every notebook in Officeworks,
- I still buy bridal magazines,
- I thought labour was the scariest thing I'd ever gone through, but then I went to the dentist the following week and nearly had a panic attack...lol.
- My favourite colour is anything blue and white,
- I love the vintage look that is floating around at the moment, I don't know fancy design names but I'm excited to learn!

In this blog you'll find a collection of things I love from weddng themes, home decor, childrens wear, photos that inspire, quotes, mini projects I set for myself and lessons I learn in my new life as a mum. I have some exciting projects to get started which are a secret at the moment! Life has to have some surprises! Check back soon.

Please leave some love and inspiration in the comments section. I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

ST xo