Friday, April 22, 2011

The art of blogging

The last couple of weeks I have had blogging on the brain. I want to do it, I don't want to do it, everyone else is doing it, but how do I do it? I get self conscious doing it, I'm feeling brave today I want to write to the world! about a million thoughts. Back in the day that's what a journal was for. A personal journal. Just for my eyes. But now I have so many things I find I want to share. It's like a world of communication from my living room. I kind of like the idea. Tomorrow I may change my mind again.

And so I want to hear from blog or not to blog. That is my question to you.

♥ shayla


  1. Shayla,
    I think you should blog if you enjoy it and have the time. I enjoy reading peoples blogs, but i specifically like it when they have something they are passionate about and write about that. I generally read them if I am passionate about the same thing.
    I am sure you are an avid blog reader yourself? What do you enjoy of the other blogs you read? I would suggest that you not set yourself too hard a task, such as blogging every day or commiting to a certain ammmount of reads, blog your passion, share it with people you know will enjoy and then it will grow!

    ps. you are amazing

  2. BLOG for sure! I so love being a blogger and love connecting with other women in this way. It is fun and I love being able to express myself on my own space. Good luck deciding. N x

  3. oh thanks so much ladies. Well...I have decided. I am going to give it a try! Let is begin :):)