Friday, June 17, 2011

The simple things...

Whoo hoo! I got my camera out again today. I decided to test out my lonely 50mm f1.8. It has been collecting dust lately so I thought I would test it out for something different.

Jackson needed to get outside, so outside we went! I love that Jackson is so interested in the small things in life. Eating bark, watching the washing machine spin, touching leaves and plants.

It is so amazing to be able to watch him grow and develop. I feel super grateful that I get to stay home and be a part of it! Although I must say that today was a big day and I am ready for bed now :)


Doing personal photography work is actually quite fun! I can do things at my own pace, try different editing, lighting and angles without any pressure!

Today I posted a bunch of CD's out to clients which was exciting. Still more to send tomorrow. Always so much to do. Note to self, improve editing workflow and general organisation. So much to learn still!


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